The Practice Quiz O'matic : cellular respiration

1. The end product of glycolysis is

2. Fermentation is not a human's main pathway for releasing energy because

3. What role does O2 play in aerobic cellular respiration?

4. Organisms that do not have the ability to make their own food are called

5. During what stage of cellular respiration is the most ATP synthesized?

6. Glycolysis takes place

7. The Krebs Cycle takes place

8. The electron transport system takes place

9. Cellular respiration is a series of biochemical reactions that:

10. Glycolysis results in a gain of

11. Fermentation takes place in the absence of

12. Which is more efficient in producing ATP from glucose?

13. How many ATP molecules may be generated by the complete oxidation of glucose into carbon dioxide?

14. The Krebs cycle produces the waste product of

15. The electron transport system produces the waste product of

16. Yeast prefer using

17. Yeast are used in baking bread because

18. As an athlete's muscles are forced to work without enough oxygen, the muscle cells begin to produce

19. During Cellular Respiration not all of the energy in the glucose is converted into ATP, the rest becomes

20. What are the reactants in the equation for cellular respiration?

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