"What Tarquinius Superbus said in the garden by means of the poppies, the son understood but the messenger did not."

It is really Kierkegaard who is referring to an ancient story that teaches us that an observation can have an entirely different meaning for someone who has special knowledge. The son understood the message because of his knowledge of his father; the messenger, on the other hand, lacked the background (the education if you will) and therefore did not.

I believe that in Science what is of greatest importance is not the facts that we learn, but rather our relationship to learning and the community that matters most.

Science teaches us a method for thinking and evaluating data; it provides us with a way for understanding the secret messages in our world.

Constant inquiry is the price of intelligence.

Where better to begin this inquiry than with me. I received both my BS in Biology and a Master's degree in Education from Sacred Heart University. I completed a year of national service with the Bridgeport Interregional AmeriCorps where I ran a youth group that focused on combining performance arts and community service. I have helped run a small nonprofit where I created and ran my own program that repaired the front steps of houses. I have physically built more than two dozen houses with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bridgeport, served on their board of directors for three years and have organized and lead multiple Habitat work crews to Baltimore Maryland and the Philippines. Between 1996 and 2001 I completed more than 6,000 hours of community service. I have collected over 500 pounds of fossils from the Catskill Mountains and I helped start a ballroom dance club in college, despite insisting on practicing the Foxtrot in my size 16 steel toed work boots, not one of my partners was injured.


I taught Biology, Botany, ALP Science, Forensic Science and IDEA (gifted program) at Darien High School for nearly eleven years. During my time at DHS i was the advisor to many clubs and student activities including the National Honor Society, Neirad the school newspaper, Blue Wave News, Habitat for Humanity and the Muggle Quidditch Team.



I have visited the following contries so far:

  • Australia (twice), China, England, Fiji, France, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand (twice), Philippines, South Korea, Wales