Did you know that: Snakes do not urinate rather they excrete uric acid.

CAPT Portfolio Units

  1. The Nature of Science: Laboratory Safety and Scientific Method
  2. Genetics, Evolution & Biodiversity: Human Population Dynamics
  3. Energy Transformations: Solar Cookers
  4. Energy Transformations: Energy Uses in Connecticut
  5. Chemical Structures & Properties: Synthetic Polymers
  6. Global Interdependence: Connecticut Brownfield Sites
  7. Cell Chemistry and Biotechnology: Enzymes
  8. Cell Chemistry and Biotechnology: Bioengineered Food
  9. Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity: Yeast Population Dynamics
  10. Final Exam

Class Calendar

2013-14 SPS District Calendar

Extra Help

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You can email questions at any time. sotterspoor@ci.stamford.ct.us

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Students in CAPT Portfolio will:


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