CP Biology Key Vocabluary List

This list is contains many of the words and concepts that are intergral to your understanding of biology.

There are many benefits to building your vocabulary:

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Unit On Midterm Exam On Final Exam
OrderUnitWordOn MidtermOn Final
1 Science Biology Yes No
1 Science Control group Yes No
1 Science Dependent Variable Yes No
1 Science Hypothesis Yes No
1 Science Independent Variable Yes No
1 Science Observation Yes No
1 Science Organisms Yes No
1 Science Scientific Experiment Yes No
1 Science Theory Yes No
2 Population Birth Rate Yes No
2 Population Carrying Capacity Yes No
2 Population Death Rate Yes No
2 Population Emigration Yes No
2 Population Environment Yes No
2 Population Homeostasis Yes No
2 Population Immigration Yes No
2 Population Limiting Factor Yes No
2 Population Living Yes No
2 Population Niche Yes No
2 Population Organ Systems Yes No
2 Population Organs Yes No
2 Population Population Yes No
3 Chemistry Acidic Yes No
3 Chemistry Activation Energy Yes No
3 Chemistry Active Transport Yes No
3 Chemistry Basic Yes No
3 Chemistry Carbohydrate Yes No
3 Chemistry Catalysts Yes No
3 Chemistry Enzymes Yes No
3 Chemistry Molecules Yes No
3 Chemistry Monomers Yes No
3 Chemistry Neutral Yes No
3 Chemistry Organic Compound Yes No
3 Chemistry pH Yes No
3 Chemistry Protein Yes No
4 Cells Animal Cell Yes No
4 Cells Cell Yes No
4 Cells Cell Membrane Yes No
4 Cells Cell Theory Yes No
4 Cells Chloroplasts Yes No
4 Cells Cytoplasm Yes No
4 Cells Diffusion Yes No
4 Cells Endoplasmic Reticulum Yes No
4 Cells Eukaryotes Yes No
4 Cells Golgi Apparatus Yes No
4 Cells Lysosomes Yes No
4 Cells Mitochondria Yes No
4 Cells Nucleus Yes No
4 Cells Organelles Yes No
4 Cells Osmosis Yes No
4 Cells Passive Transport Yes No
4 Cells Plant Cell Yes No
4 Cells Prokaryotes Yes No
4 Cells Ribosomes Yes No
4 Cells Selectively Permeable Yes No
4 Cells Tissue Yes No
4 Cells Vacuole Yes No
5 Energy ATP Yes No
5 Energy CO2 Yes No
5 Energy Fermentation Yes No
5 Energy Glucose Yes No
5 Energy Glycolysis Yes No
5 Energy Krebs Cycle Yes No
5 Energy Lactic Acid Yes No
5 Energy O2 Yes No
5 Energy Photosynthesis Yes No
6 DNA Adenine Yes No
6 DNA Chromosome Yes No
6 DNA Cytosine Yes No
6 DNA DNA Yes No
6 DNA DNA Replication Yes No
6 DNA Guanine Yes No
6 DNA Nucleotide Yes No
6 DNA Thymine Yes No
7 Protein Amino Acids Yes No
7 Protein RNA Yes No
7 Protein Transcription Yes No
7 Protein Translation Yes No
7 Protein Uracil Yes No
8 Cell cycle Anaphase Yes No
8 Cell cycle Cancer Yes No
8 Cell cycle Gamete Yes No
8 Cell cycle Homologous Pairs Yes No
8 Cell cycle Interphase Yes No
8 Cell cycle Meiosis Yes No
8 Cell cycle Metaphase Yes No
8 Cell cycle Mitosis Yes No
8 Cell cycle Prophase Yes No
8 Cell cycle Telophase Yes No
9 Genetics Genotype Yes No
9 Genetics Heterozygous Yes No
9 Genetics Homozygous Yes No
9 Genetics Hybrid Yes No
10 Evolution Adaptation No Yes
10 Evolution Comparative anatomy No Yes
10 Evolution Comparative embryology No Yes
10 Evolution Competition No Yes
10 Evolution Evolution No Yes
10 Evolution Extinct No Yes
10 Evolution Fossil No Yes
10 Evolution Homologous No Yes
10 Evolution Mutation No Yes
10 Evolution Natural selection No Yes
10 Evolution Population No Yes
10 Evolution Random No Yes
10 Evolution Species Yes Yes
10 Evolution Survival of the fittest No Yes
10 Evolution Variation No Yes
10 Evolution Vestigial No Yes
11 Classification Autotroph No
11 Classification Binomial Nomenclature No
11 Classification Class No
11 Classification Domain No
11 Classification Family No
11 Classification Genus No
11 Classification Heterotroph No
11 Classification Kingdom No
11 Classification Order No
11 Classification Phylogeny No
11 Classification Phylum No
11 Classification Species (taxon) No
11 Classification Taxa No
11 Classification Taxonomy No

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