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Unit Vocabulary for: Energy

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How do cells obtain energy from food molecules?

  1. Cell respiration release energy from food molecules
  2. Glycolysis begins the production of Energy
  3. The Krebs Cycle completes the breakdown of glucose
  4. The Electron Transport System packages energy from glucose to ATP
  5. Anaerobic respiration acts in the absence of oxygen

How do plants use photosynthesis to convert solar energy to chemical energy?

  1. Photosynthesis harnesses light energy
  2. The Calvin Cycle combines hydrogen with Carbon Dioxide to produce sugars.
  3. Environmental factors affect the rate of photosynthesis
OrderUnitWordOn MidtermOn Final
5 Energy ATP Yes No
5 Energy CO2 Yes No
5 Energy Fermentation Yes No
5 Energy Glucose Yes No
5 Energy Glycolysis Yes No
5 Energy Krebs Cycle Yes No
5 Energy Lactic Acid Yes No
5 Energy O2 Yes No
5 Energy Photosynthesis Yes No

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