The Practice Quiz O'matic : cells

1. Cell products or wastes are released to the surroundings through the process of endocytosis.

2. The plasma membrane of a cell regulates which particles enter and leave the cell.

3. The diffusion of water into and out of cells across a selectively permeable membrane is called osmosis.

4. Dynamic equilibrium is the process of passive transport in which proteins aid the passage of particles across the plasma membrane.

5. Phagocytosis is a form of endocytosis in which liquid droplets are taken in.

6. The sum of all chemical changes in cells is called metabolism.

7. Lysosomes are plastids that contain chlorophyll and other pigments needed for photosynthesis.

8. Cells that do not have a membrane-bound nucleus are called eukaryotes.

9. Symbiosis refers to a relationship in which two organisms live closely together.

10. Many cell functions are carried out separately because they occur within organelles.

11. Certain cells of a sponge draw in water. The cells probably use centrioles for that function.

12. Your heart is an example of the organ level of organization.

13. A prokaryotic cell shows the greatest degree of division of labor.

14. The most specialized cells are found among multicellular organisms.

15. Which process requires cell energy?

16. Which process can move particles from areas of either low to high or high to low concentration?

17. Which process requires the aid of cell membrane pumps?

18. Which process requires the presence of either cell membrane channels or carrier proteins?

19. Particles that are soluble in lipids will typically move through a membrane by ____.

20. Particles that cannot dissolve in lipids will typically move through a membrane by ____.

21. Gate and channel proteins are located within a cell's ____.

22. A piece of celery is placed in a bowl of icy-cold fresh water. Which of the following best describes what happens to the cells of the celery?

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