The Practice Quiz O'matic : introduction

1. Two products of cellular respiration are ____.

2. Each of the following is a biologically-based solution to controlling the zebra mussel invasion except ____.

3. In producers, chlorophyll and sunlight are necessary for the process of ____.

4. The closing of its shell when a clam is removed from its watery environment is an example of how the clam maintains its ____.

5. In a food chain involving a mouse and the snake that eats it, the mouse and snake are ____.

6. Zebra mussels have been able to thrive in North American waters because ____.

7. Which of the following methods could you use if you wished to study newly hatched zebra mussels?

8. In introducing a natural predator of zebra mussels, biologists must be certain that the predator will ____.

9. Which of the following might prove most effective in controlling the spread of zebra mussels to new waters?

10. Snails, spiders, and oysters have many traits in common with zebra mussels, yet each group has distinctive characteristics. The facts ____.

11. The primary factor that determines the depth at which algae can live in the Great Lakes is ____.

12. Less oxygen can dissolve in warm water than in cooler water. A prolonged heat wave would probably cause the most deaths among ____.

13. A good way of showing comparisons among groups when data are not dependent on one another is a ____.

14. A three-dimensional image of an object is produced by a ____.

15. The starting point most classroom scientific research is a(n) ____.

16. The ability of a microscope to distinguish two objects as being separate is known as ____.

17. Which of the following does not describe the properties of the transmission electron microscope?

18. A maximum magnification of about 2000 times best describes the property of a ____.

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