The Practice Quiz O'matic : dna

1. What is the first step in the process of DNA replication?

2. Okazaki fragments form during DNA replication because:

3. Which of the following is required for DNA replication to occur?

4. A nucleotide consists of:

5. The material responsible for bacterial transformation in Griffith's (the mouse guy) experiments was:

6. The Hershey-Chase blender experiment finally proved that:

7. The "rungs" of the DNA ladder are made of:

8. Before the Hershey-Chase experiment, many scientists believed that ________ carried the hereditary information.

9. In order to transform to a virulent form of bacteria, rough bacteria must:

10. A DNA strand has the following bases: A-A-G-C-C-A. What are the bases on its complimentary strand?

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