The Practice Quiz O'matic : protein

1. Transcription results in:

2. How many different amino acids are there?

3. A section of a chromosome that codes for specific trait:

4. In RNA, 3 codons translate into ______ amino acid(s)

5. Translation begins:

6. The sugar in RNA is _______, the sugar in DNA is _______

7. Which of the following is found on RNA but not DNA?

8. RNA is synthesized from the DNA template in a process called ______, which utilizes the enzyme _______

9. Given the following DNA strand, which of the following is its complementary mRNA? G-G-A-C-T-G-A-T-T

10. Amino acids are joined together by the ribosome into a _________ chain

11. Once transcription has been completed, which of the following is NOT necessary for protein synthesis to occur?

12. Which part of the tRNA molecule binds to the mRNA molecule?

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