Blue Berries

The Blue Team

Westhill High School Freshman Center Mission:

The mission of the Westhill high School Freshman Center is to enhance the transition of all students to the 9th grade and beyond by ensuring they continue to develop all forms of literacy while engaged in learning that promotes academic excellence, civic responsibility, personal growth and the development of 21st century learning skills. 

Vision for the Westhill Freshman Center:

The vision for the Westhill High School Freshman Center is to create small teaching and learning communities for students and their core teachers focused on a holistic approach to educating students.  Through these small teaching and learning communities we envision greater collaboration between teachers on methodology, student performance, discipline, attendance, strengths and areas in need of improvement.  With this small teaching and learning community, students will come to Westhill maintaining some of the same structures and supports they received in middle school fostering a gradual more successful transition to high school, increased student attendance, engagement and performance.

Purpose for the Westhill Freshman Center:

The purpose of the Westhill High School Freshman Center is to increase student attendance, engagement and performance in the classroom. Thereby decreasing the number of 9th grade students who are not prepared to move onto the next level e.g., grade and course.

Blue Team:

  • English Language Arts: Ms Tobias
  • Math: Ms Worley
  • Science: Biology: Mr Otterspoor & Physical Science: McNamara
  • Social Studies: Mr Castagneto
  • Guidance: Joe Andrews & Orquidea Sansó
  • Team Meets: Period 4

Blue Team Word List

Analyze: Break the subject (an object, event, or concept) down into parts, and explain the various parts.

Honors Bio

Blue Team

Extra Help

I am available for extra help most days:

  • Before school from 7:00 to 7:20 AM
  • During the day when I am free
  • After school until 3:00 PM.

Please check with me if you plan on staying after to make sure I don't have a meeting or other obligation. Faculty meetings are usually Wednesday after school.

You can email questions at any time:

You should not expect an immediate answer after 10 PM or while I am teaching.